This week, we gave a warm welcome to our new principal, Mrs Maria Mercuri. Maria is thrilled and honoured to be a leader in the St Paul’s community and is looking forward
to establishing successful partnerships with all members of our community. Please don’t hesitate to say hello when Maria is on duty at drop off and pick up time. She is also contactable by email: Mrs Mercuri has been impressed with our community’s strong family connections and the commitment and dedication of our staff. She is looking forward to building upon this to ensure our students get the best possible education in a learning culture that will allow every student to achieve their full potential emotionally, physically, academically and¬†spiritually.
This week at assembly, Maria was welcomed by staff and families alongside Miss Pat and Miss Donna who have demonstrated amazing leadership in the lead up to Maria’s appointment – we thank them for their enthusiasm, dedication and support. Here’s to the next chapter at St Paul’s – may it be blessed and filled with hope, joy, and loads of successful learning!