During this time of uncertainty and remote learning 2.0, we are mindful that this is a challenging time for many of our children. As the wellbeing of our students is at the heart of who we are at St Paul’s primary school, we will continue to provide support during term three.

With this in mind, we shall continue our focus on ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’ sessions with the following key themes which teachers will explore with students – Setbacks, Resilience & Hope. Other tools which teachers will include during this time are:

Mindful breathing exercises; communicating our thoughts and feelings; movements as a way of redirecting misplaced energy; music, art and media mediums; communal and private prayer. As students use these tools, they will be encouraged to identify what is a good fit and works for them.

Students will also explore the power of hope as a way of reminding ourselves that this current situation will not last forever. Students will be encouraged, that through hope, they can look beyond this space and time. 

We look forward to working with our students during these sessions.