We did it! HOORAY! On Wednesday the Preps got to celebrate their 100th day of school. We had an amazing day filled with many exciting activities. Have a look below at all of the fun things we got up to.

During our mathematics session we completed rotations about the number 100. 

Many of our activities were turned into 100 second challenges, where we had to complete the task in under 100 seconds. 

For this activity we had to try to keep our balloons in the air for 100 seconds using only one hand.

It was very tricky but lots of fun!

Working with counters and pasta to solve addition problems for our mystery 100 picture.

Trying to make a tower as high as we can using 100 cups in 100 seconds. This team completed the challenge!

During art this week, Ms Donna took the Senior students into our classrooms to take and edit photos of our Preps on their 100th day.

Check out their amazing skills!

Art with Ms. Donna is one of our favourite things to do at school! To celebrate our 100th day we made 100 year old people using patterned paper and foam for our white hair. The best part was scrunching up the paper to make our faces look wrinkly!

A VERY BIG thank you to all the amazing people who helped make our day extra special.

Thank you to the Arena family from O’Heas bakery for their donation of pizza for our hot lunch, it got two thumbs up and was the highlight of our day!

Thank you to Mrs Tina who baked our 100 cake that we got to decorate and eat during the day. It was delicious! Thank you Mrs Tina!

Thank you to the Year 4 students who gave up their lunchtime to help Miss Danielle pack special 100 themed cookies.