Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing is fundamental to positive learning outcomes and children thrive in schools when they feel happy, confident and secure. 

Your child’s wellbeing is our first priority.

St. Paul’s is a place of welcome and safety for students and their families. Children have the right to be safe and protected, including at school.  It is important that you feel confident that your child is safe and well in the care of our school.

At St. Paul’s we have an ongoing commitment to reviewing and strengthening our child safe practices and working with all staff and parents to maintain a culture of child safety across all aspects of our school community.

St. Paul’s have a duty of care to ensure children are learning, not only in a safe physical environment, but within a community that consists of a whole school culture of child safety, where respect, understanding and compassion for others is an integral part of all that we do.

 We work with the Catholic Education Melbourne guidelines which can be accessed at:,-Wellbeing-and-Safet